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Smallholding Consulting Practice

Improved Outcomes For People And Communities


What We Do Best

Leadership Development + Executive Coaching

We are teachers and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers at our root--that means we're oriented to building the capacity of individuals and groups in a developmental way that sticks into the future. We love coaching leaders 1:1 and in small teams. 

Strategic Advising

We have the uncanny ability to get to know your context fast. We help you clarify goals, envision multiple viable pathways toward those goals, and prioritize actions that move you toward success. 

Talent Systems

We design, facilitate, and improve talent systems for organizations large and small. This includes: Recruitment and Selection, Performance Evaluation, and Talent Retention. 

Coalition Development

We help you build trusting and productive cross-sector relationships--curating the right resources of talent, influence, expertise, information, and capital to do more in strategic partnership than you can do on your own.  

Program Evaluation

We help you assess what's working and what needs to improve in your programming. We can help you identify concrete and compelling proof points to advocate for the good work you do.

Adult Learning

We have experience creating learning programs from scratch. We're dynamic facilitators. We're talented at building your capacity to design, lead, and improve curriculum and content for adult learning.  

Human-Centered Design

We help clients conceptualize and execute a collaborative process that includes stakeholders in deep and authentic problem-solving. This includes: Community Asset Mapping, Visioning Process, and Team-Based Rapid Prototyping.

Public Engagement and Communication Strategy

We help you take actions that build trust with the communities you serve. We help you refine your message and advise you on how and where to best tell your story through traditional and new media outlets. 

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